O breaker of infinities, oh ecstatic blade of want.

If you take anything away from my site and generally my perspective on life – let it be known from the beginning I am extremely eclectic…

For our names have many colors from white to gold and back. But the name that we all seek is the hidden name that’s black! … So drink for power! Drink for the flame! And find that bloody blackened name!

Kill 6 Billion Demons is a fantasy webcomic, written and illustrated by Tom Parkinson-Morgan under the name “Abbadon.

I hesitated a brief moment in deciding to review this particular comic right out the gate given its controversial content; however, I hold the firm belief not everything has to be picked apart and over-analyzed to death. Form your own opinion in the end, personally I feel certain things you appreciate for the sake someone was bold enough to create a mind-bending, antagonizing body of work. I will admit when I was first introduced to the K6BD webcomic I found the storyline challenging to engage in and wanted to throw the main character out of a near-by window. Sorority sister/barista/business major, Allison Ruth and her roommates initially exemplify all the most irksome qualities. However, as the story progressed I was hooked on the painstakingly detailed images and unabashed, cold-blooded honesty. Your attachment to Allison is made to grow given her bare vulnerability and trial through fire. Possibly empowered by the constant threat of mortal peril, Allison comes into her own doubling back on her attackers threatening vengeance, righteousness, and a hunger for influence.

Throughout the story we follow main character Allison Ruth who is dragged into conflict with angels, demons, and megalomaniacal sovereigns. In the opening scene we are unrequested voyeurs to Allison and her boyfriend, Zaid whose foreplay is suddenly interrupted by an Inter-planar angel war party. Beheading the third member of the war party, king Zoss, the angels kidnap Zaid and leave Allison abruptly alone with nothing but a severed head. Consequently, the severed head of the deceased king Zoss mistakenly implants a sacred key into her skull and transports her to a strange ochre-and-puce city filled with demons.

Enter angel cop, 82 White Chain, Born in Emptiness and returning to subdue evil. White Chain explains Allison is in Throne, the city at the center of all 777,777 universes where God once lived before committing suicide. They then proceed to explain the key in her forehead is a coveted tool used to jump universes. Still with me..? Great.

In synapse, the plot is about Allison’s quest to save her boyfriend, Zaid who was supposed to be the one who received the key. Taken by the angels and held prisoner by the seven kings of creation, Zaid is believed to be the heir to the old king Zoss – (the guy beheaded in the opening scene).
The over-arching theme repeated throughout this story: “Reach heaven through violence.”

Pro: The conflicts are set to impossibly huge scales and the landscapes structured with immensely detailed settings!

Con: The story lines take complete precedence over the entire universe, utilizing each violent scene as nothing but a backdrop creating many a blasé brush-over for disturbing topics like sex slavery and several central characters participating in cannibalism.

Needless to say, this comic is not for the faint of heart. While K6BD transports you through fantastic and interesting multiverses, simultaneously introducing you to extreme looking tertiary characters, you are waded through some moral dilemma hell – literally.

I say these things not to deter from reading the comic, personally I have been reading K6BD since 2016, but more as an objective sneak-peek rendering the gory, powerful, heroic, and unflappable world you will enter upon reading this series. Western society has a habit of painting an overly romantic, rose tinted light over royalty. Our obsession with royal-romanticism is irrational when you consider the violent history all monarchy is founded upon. In it’s own manner, K6BD portrays a not-so-subtle pass at reminding us all of this fundamental fact, behind every royal throne lies an underlying truth – violence reigns.

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