Ancient and rich in history, salt and fern have been revered for their mythical symbolism, used as a source of medicine, and recognized in various habitats worldwide. Ferns provide an ecological service as bio-indicators for habitat health because of their sensitivity and preference for temperature, humidity, soil type, moisture, pH, light levels, etc. A symbol of new life, hope, and sincerity, ferns are among the oldest groups of plants on the earth. Meanwhile, salt is a necessity of life and a mineral so important it was seen as a sacrifice to give up. A covenant of salt is pure, binding, and eternal—it does not corrupt or decay.

As a child raised in the PNW woods, I built elaborate fern fortresses and boats with candles, for ferns are thought to be the home of the fae. As an adult, I am perpetually in awe of the importance salt plays in our world history and maintaining our body’s natural balances. I continue to discover these elements hidden in a crevice or used for a new purpose on every adventure and in every journey I have taken. As salt and fern have brought me in life, I hope this platform brings you new perspectives and possibly even a hint of magic.

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As a collector of ideas, my only ambition is to create an open space to share my interests and experiences. My curiosity is an ocean. Salt & Fern is designed with the purpose of housing creative expression, freedom of thought, and to continue conversation.

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